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Through voltage optimisation, you can reduce your energy bills during a time when businesses are victim to rising energy costs.

Voltage optimisation is a technology that provides significant energy efficiency benefits for companies across all industries, ranging from manufacturing to hospitality. 

We have a proven track record of helping companies save between seven and eight per cent on their energy bill, while extending their equipment’s lifespan and reducing their carbon footprint. 


Augean’s energy saving

Augean, a leading waste management company, had identified a need to improve their site’s overall power quality, as well as reducing energy costs. Usually, a site may see voltages fluctuating between 236v – 244v, but Augean were experiencing swings between 220v – 253v, which is the maximum amount allowed in the UK. This meant that a change in the supply affected them greatly, mainly in the form of surges which damaged the electrical equipment and shortened its lifespan. 
By installing a voltage optimiser, Augean took control of their electrical supply for energy efficiency gains. As well as reducing their incoming power by eight per cent, which restricted their maximum voltage to 232v, they also set the auto inhibit at 220v to prevent a drop in supply. From reducing the impact of power surges, Augean were able to increase the lifespan of their equipment by 46 per cent, while making an energy saving of 8.45 per cent on their total annual electricity bill. They also removed over 20 tonnes of carbon emissions from the environment each year. 

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Carbon footprint reduction for Harrison Packaging

As a packaging supplier to many of the UK’s leading and most recognisable brands, Harrison Packaging wanted to reduce their carbon footprint in line with the government’s 2030 net zero plan. The packaging supplier is currently recognised as one of the UK’s most ecofriendly packaging companies and therefore wanted to find innovative ways to further reduce their carbon emissions. 

Coupled with onsite efforts, the implementation of voltage optimisation reduced their carbon emissions from electricity usage by over six per cent per year, saving over 22 tonnes of Co2 annually. In doing so, this also helped Harrison Packaging make an energy saving of over £10,000 a year from reduced consumption, with the project taking just 17 months to pay off and ensuring a return on investment (ROI) of 70 per cent. The packaging supplier will continue to make carbon and financial savings for decades to come, as the voltage optimiser is under warranty until 2038 and has an expected lifespan of over 40 years. 


Confectioner Kinnertons cuts costs

Confectioner Kinnertons faced a huge increase in their kwh rate from their energy supplier, with their annual costs increasing 116 per cent owing to the energy crisis. They turned to voltage optimisation to protect their business from spiralling energy cost rises and benefit from its rapid payback and stable long-term results. 

Following our survey, we guaranteed that the voltage optimiser would deliver a minimum saving of 7.22 per cent, which was further underpinned by Powerdown’s Savings Guarantee. This meant that they could budget and plan with these figures in mind, helping to protect against their increase in energy costs. As well as the Savings Guarantee offering Kinnertons 100 per cent of their money back in the event that savings were lower than projected, the confectioner is now saving 7.52 per cent on their energy bills following installation. 

In addition, Kinnertons is also benefiting from a more stable power supply on site, with their equipment only drawing the energy that it needs to run at its optimal level, rather than having to work harder due to excess energy from the grid. As a result, the voltage optimiser will help increase the lifespan of the equipment and save on future expenditure by reducing ongoing maintenance and replacement costs across site. The voltage optimiser has also reduced Kinnerton’s carbon footprint and saved over 40 tonnes of harmful carbon emissions a year. 

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