Powerdown220 is the UK’s leading voltage optimisation specialist


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£££ saved on our customers' energy bills


Tonnes of carbon saved

That’s more than any other voltage optimisation company. That’s why we are Number One.


But we are more than just the numbers. 

Based in Macclesfield but with a nationwide outreach, we have a team of dedicated voltage optimisation installers, who have completed onsite VO training. We manage all parts of the project from survey to installation and then aftersales, including analytical reporting and additional technical support. 

With Powerdown220 you get the full package. We pride ourselves on our expertise and the quality of our customer service. 

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Why choose Powerdown220 for your voltage optimiser?


    As the UK’s leading voltage optimisation specialist, we are the experts when it comes to this technology. While other companies might focus on many different technologies, we channel all our expertise into voltage optimisation, ensuring you are getting the best technology for your needs.


    As a company, we are united by a vision of being the best at what we do. This means working closely with you to identify what you need for your business. We won’t sell a product you don’t need, even if you originally ask for it. We also offer bespoke products to match your requirements. Our goal is to save you money. 


    We only use installers who are trained specifically for voltage optimisation, to make sure this crucial phase of the process is done right. We work with Ashcrofts, who are part of the Powerdown family. In contrast to your average installers, they have a VO-qualified team of electricians who are experienced in onsite installation.


    We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the country and on some of the biggest voltage optimisation projects, including the largest voltage optimisation project ever delivered in the UK. Choosing Powerdown220 means you are working with a company that consistently delivers the same quality products and services every time.

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    We are also a friendly group of people, who want to get to know you and your business and work together in partnership. We won’t try and upsell you or present solutions that you do not need. We want to be part of your team for the journey ahead. 


Our story

We have chosen to specialise in voltage optimisation as this delivers a quicker return on investment compared to other renewables. As energy costs have soared, Powerdown220 has worked hard to deliver the message about voltage optimisation and we have helped hundreds of clients take control of their consumption along this journey. 

Voltage optimisation will be a key technology in the road to net zero. Sustainability is also a key part of our mission. As well as helping our customers cut carbon, we want to reduce our own carbon footprint as a business.

We are also a business that believes in giving back to our local community. We have actively supported local charities in Macclesfield and have made donations to help charities reduce their energy bills.

You can find out more in the news section of our website.

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As a company we are united by set of values that drives forward the work that we do:

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  • icon Commitment
  • icon Teamwork
  • icon Continued learning
  • icon Hard work

What can I save with a voltage optimiser?

Supply from the national grid in the UK averages around 242 volts, but optimal performance for most electrical equipment is achieved at 220 volts. Running additional voltage through your equipment is wasted energy. This is costing your business money even shortening the lifespan of your equipment.

By installing a voltage optimiser, you lower the voltage to the required level. This ensures you only pay for the voltage you need, not what you receive from the grid. It’s that simple. The result is a lower electricity bill. On average, the simple installation of voltage optimisation will usually save between eight and twelve per cent, but potentially more depending on your site.

By partnering with you to help reduce your energy costs, we also help you reach your sustainability goals. Power down to 220 with us and you can do your bit on the road to net zero. 

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We supply voltage optimisers to businesses across the UK in every sector, from manufacturing to hospitality.  

You can find out how much we can save your business today by filling out our enquiry form. 

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