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Take back control of your energy bills today. With voltage optimisation, you can protect your business from rising energy costs.

Voltage optimisation is a simple, proven technology that will deliver between seven and twelve per cent savings on your energy bill.

It offers a quicker return on your investment than other renewables, helping you cut costs and carbon. 

In a climate where energy costs are unpredictable, voltage optimisation can help future-proof your business in this volatile market.


What is voltage optimisation?

Supply your site with the energy it needs, not what you’re given

The average voltage supply from the UK National Grid is 242 volts, but most appliances and equipment operate best at just 220 volts. With voltage optimisation, you lower the level of voltage to match your needs. By paying for what you need, not what you get, you will quickly discover significant savings on your energy bills. 

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How much could you save?

A commercial facility can typically save between seven and twelve per cent on their energy bills with voltage optimisation, but much higher savings are common.

After completing a technical survey, we offer all of our customers a unique Savings Guarantee. We can guarantee to reduce your energy bills by a specific amount and if we cannot do it, we will pay the difference ourselves. We can afford to offer this guarantee because the science of voltage optimisation means we can make predictions with certainty.

Find out how much you can save with our quick and free VO savings calculator:

Green and guaranteed

Voltage optimisation doesn’t just reduce your energy bills, it reduces your carbon footprint too. We are proud to be experts in a technology that will be key on the road to net zero. 

Running additional voltage through your equipment is damaging. As well as lowering your carbon emissions, voltage optimisation can help prolong the life of your equipment.

The science of voltage optimisation means we are able to offer a unique Savings Guarantee to all of our customers. No guessing or speculating about what your savings will be, Powerdown220 will guarantee them.

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  • If any company who uses a large amount of electricity and wants to reduce their costs and support the environment, I would recommend a Voltage Optimiser with Powerdown220

    Craig Turnbull, Managing Director | Harrison Packaging

  • We sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and the way that you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service

    Graham McKinley, Site Facilities and Service Engineer | Kinnerton Confectionery

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